Things to know before cupping massage

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If you are looking for a cupping massage, it is essential to know everything about cupping therapy. Therefore, in this article, we will try to cover every small detail about the cupping massages, including the purpose of cupping, how it feels like, and the benefits of cupping treatment in Dubai.

What is a cupping massage? 

Most people think that cupping is an inverse massage, but it is far different from other massages. In this therapy, doctors apply cups on particular parts of your body that gives relief to your muscles. The professional therapist uses cups and places them on your skin that gathers the blood in the placing area. It seems Scary, but it doesn’t affect or hurt you severely. Here are the benefits of cupping therapy for you.

  • Gives you muscle recovery instantly.
  • Improve flexibility
  • helps to increase blood flow
  • gives you energy
  • reduce inflammation
  • gives you relaxation

There are various types of cupping therapies:

One of the most common types of cupping therapy is moving and fixed treatment.

  • Fixed cupping: In this treatment, the therapist places the cups on your particular area for few minutes.
  • Moving cupping: In this type, the therapist uses oil to your skin before placing cups on your body.

It takes few minutes:

One of the best things about cupping therapy is it takes just a few minutes for treatment. The whole process of this treatment can take 10 to 12 minutes to complete. These therapists are experts in this therapy, so they make sure that you don’t have to wait in the waiting room.

Cupping does not hurt as much as you think:

Most people avoid using this therapy as they think it is a painful process. But in reality, it does not hurt as much as you think. However, it feels weird when cups pull your skin and muscles. But over time, it heals you and gives relaxation to your body. In the beginning, you have to face discomfort, but after some time you feel better.

Cupping leaves marks on your skin:

One of the biggest factors that discourage people from cupping is it leaves circle marks on your skin after a treatment. However, it depends on the nature of the skin. Some people have darks marks, and others have lighter marks. So before having a cupping massage, keep all these things in your mind.

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