Types of wall tiles and their uses

Types of wall tiles and their uses


Wall tiles and floor tiles have been widely used for interior decoration, both play a significant role of beauty and protection. From another perspective, floor tiles beautify the floor and prevent spills, damage, or molds. Look here at now to get more info

The most popular material used to produce flooring and wall tiles design is limestone, which is very strong and durable, but easy to maintain. Limestone is also highly resistant to moisture, water absorption, scratches, and heat.

Wall tiles are usually produced as tiles in several different shapes and patterns. You can find:

  • ceramic
  • terracotta
  • natural stones
  • glass wall

All these materials come in different shapes and sizes but each design has its own peculiarities and it is upon you to choose the pattern that would go well with your home interior and exterior.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic wall tiles are the best among all, as these are very tough, resistant to heat, water absorption, bacteria, and moisture, but the most expensive among all these wall tiles. Ceramic tiles come in many designs and patterns, ranging from simple solids to geometric figures. But generally, they are produced in round shapes and flat surfaces. The most common material used in manufacturing ceramic tiles is glazed bricks.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic wall tiles have beautiful patterns and designs made by intertwining different coloured glass pieces. Mosaics are quite expensive as compared to other types of wall tiles, but this is the only material that was used in the ancient times to create marvellous artwork on the walls of palaces. Nowadays mosaic art can be seen in almost every house. You can find mosaics on floors as well, but since there are different kinds of flooring available, you might not find a mosaic that goes well with your house flooring. So, for this kind of wall tile, you would have to choose another kind of floor tile.

Quarry and Lintels Tiles

Quarry and lintels are another kind of wall tile that are handmade by using glue and other medium. Although they are simple in their designs, these are still popular because of their cheap price and unique appearance. These also can be found in several designs. In addition to being cheap, the price of these also depends on the type of glaze that is used. Quarry and lintels are usually sold in square meters, while factory bought floor tiles and commercial floor tiles are sold in tile squares.