Start selling drones with these tips


Drones are very much in demand now and people are willing to get the drone for their work as well as for their hobby. There are many drone companies in UAE that manufacture different kinds of drones for the ease of people and then they have to send these to the seller for selling purpose because they cannot sell them directly from their factory. They sometimes have their own store that provide drones and also provide Dubai drone filming facility to the buyers. You can start selling these drones bit first you have to build some connections with the manufacturers and ask them that you want to take the distribution ship of the drones and they will be willing to give you that after they will examine your capacity and capability. You have to get the following in this regard:


There should be a proper shop in which you can start selling and the shop should be attractive and have different shelves or racks to display different kinds of drones. You need to have an appealing display of drones as well as you have to get the best d├ęcor in there. You need to get the shop in a place where you see that people are more willing to spend a good amount and buy drones of their own. You may get in contact with the photographers and filming companies so you have to analyze them carefully and get your margin from one piece accordingly.

After sale services:

Before starting a new shop you need to first know about the specifications of every kind of drone you are going to have in your shop and also you need to understand about their working so that if someone come to you complaining about the drone then you will be able to solve the smaller problems but if there will be a technical issue then you have to send it back to the manufacturer for getting better results. All you need to do is be kind and humble with the person who comes to you complaining about the drone they have bought from you. You do not need to be angry because if the drone gets faulty within the time of warranty then the company will be responsible to make it right or exchange it and if the warranty is expired then you can charge a good amount.