Oud Perfumes – How to Choose the Right One


Oud is a fragrant substance that is frequently being used in men’s perfumes offered by the most famous labels. Oud is also known as Agarwood, having its origin in the Middle East and is the resinous wood of a particular species of tree. It has been used in traditional perfumes and as incense over thousands of years. This vigorously fragrant substance is currently being used in many fashionable perfumes that try to blend Eastern and Western sensibilities.

Selecting the right Oud perfume is not an easy task, for a multitude of options is available with each fragrance having a very unique essence. The following tips will be helpful in choosing the right blend.

• A blend of Oud with patchouli and rose in addition to hints of leather and dried fruits carry a very sensual and opulent feel. This fairly strong blend suits on a mature confident man who can carry it off with pride.

• Oud when paired with spicy and fruity fragrances, create a powerfully masculine scent. Suitable for special occasions this Oud goes well when one is going to woo a romantic partner.

• Oud paired with vanilla, white rose and saffron with notes of sandalwood creates a less masculine yet fairly compelling scent.

 • Simple blends having an overwhelming woody fragrance with underlying notes of spice including pepper and vanilla are highly sophisticated and modern too.

• If you want to choose a highly complex blend for an important social occasion, Oud with amber gives a warm note to a perfume and osmanthus flower with a very light and fresh fragrance that reminds one of peaches and apricots would be a perfect choice.

Remember, Oud is a very costly ingredient and any perfume that is composed of it will thus be very expensive as well. Do find out that the perfume you are purchasing is made of real Oud oil and not synthetic ingredients; there would definitely be a marked difference in quality. Any perfume bearing this ingredient will have a robust aroma that will take longer to develop when it comes in contact with your skin and hence using it in large quantities at one go is not a good idea. On the whole, an Oud perfume is an excellent buy by virtue of its masculine nature.

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