Information About Experiential Marketing


Experiential marketing means to market your product live and in person. The consumers can connect with the brand in a personal way. Experiential marketing can make the brand be seen, touched and felt by a consumer. It is one of the most effective form of marketing in today’s world where all brands focus on digital marketing. The brands who market their product through experiential marketing stands out as majority of companies prefer to market their products online.

Some of the benefits of experiential marketing are as follows:

  1. Experiential marketing helps a brand stand apart from others. People get to experience the brand in person. Experiential marketing helps a company to market their product in a more creative way which has an effect on the consumers. A brand which only markets their product on digital platforms would not have an effect on audience as compared to a brand which gives them a more personal connection with their product.
  2. Experiential marketing is a great opportunity to grab the attention of media and influencers. Media wants newsworthy content which interests the audience so you would earn their coverage by creative experiential marketing.
  3. When people experience something unique, they share it on social media with their friends which indirectly increase a brand’s market. Experiential marketing help a company create a shareable experience for the consumers.
  4. No matter how creative a brand’s digital marketing is, experiential marketing can overshadow it because the consumers gets to experience it personally. Consumers develop an intimate and immerse relationship with the brand through experiential marketing. Through experiential marketing, consumer can actually test a product unlike digital marketing. What would a customer rather buy? Something that they would see on a screen or a product that they have personally tested? Experience always wins.
  5. Experiential marketing make people remember your brand and what inspires people so much that they cannot forget it means that they will come back to it. Experiential marketing has a long lasting impact.

Even though experiential marketing is a forgotten form of marketing, it still has greater effect on consumers. With artificial intelligence, hopefully experiential marketing would make a comeback. Experiential agencies Dubai are working towards unique and creative forms to market products which would create a long lasting impression on people. AI companies in Dubai would most probably help brands to market their products through experiential marketing.