Different types of exhibition stands and their specialties


Participating in exhibitions or tradeshows is a smart move for the betterment of the business. The exhibition allows you to face your target audience, and you get instant feedback on your product or services. However, when it comes to choose an exhibition stand, there is a huge risk involved because the wrong choice of the exhibition stand can ruin your trade show. But choosing the right exhibition stand has plenty of benefits. Various exhibition stand builders in Dubai can help you find the right exhibition stand for your tradeshow.

Before choosing the exhibition stand, you need to know about different types of exhibition stand. Generally, there are three types of exhibition stand like

  • Pop up displays
  • Modular stands
  • Custom stands

Every type of exhibition stand has its own merits and demerits. In this article, you will know more about each type of exhibition stand.

Pop up Displays:

Here are some essential features of pop-up displays.

Easy to assemble and disassemble:

One of the best things about pop-up displays is you can easily assemble or disassemble them even in a few minutes. Moreover, you can also carry them with you.

Easy to replace graphics:

When it comes to replace or change displays, pop-up displays are very flexible.

Not ideal for branding:

If you want to build up your brand image, avoid buying pop up display stands in Dubai for your business, as it will not help you stand out from your brand. Therefore, if you are running a large organization, it’s better to choose another option.

Modular stands:

Here are the characteristics of modular stands.

Easy to setup:

Today modular stands are popular in businesses as they are flexible and much easier to assemble. Moreover, they have enough layouts, which allow you to move to the exhibition stand easily.

Customized look at a lower price:

One of the most important things about the modular stand is they have a customized look and do not charge extra for it.

Custom stands:

See here the merits of custom stands.

Professional teams handle it:

One thing that makes custom stands unique from others is the professional team handles these stands. They do everything from assembling to disassembling. So there is a little risk of disasters.

Build the brand image:

Mostly, large corporations prefer buying custom brands as they help in building brand image effectively. These stands compel visitors to stay at your stall.