Conditions treated by an endocrinologist


An endocrinologist is a person who has specialized in treating disorders related with hormonal imbalance. Hormones play a very important role in our body from maintaining a good mood till facilitating our reproduction. It is one of the key elements which maintains a normal homeostasis of our body and helps our body to optimize its functionality. But nowadays hormonal imbalance is one of the major issues which is found in almost every person. This imbalance could lead to several chronic conditions like hypo or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cholesterol disorders, PCOS and much more. All these conditions are quite difficult to manage and it is quite essential to find a well-qualified endocrinologist to treat all such type of conditions in the best way.

Well, finding the best endocrinologist in Dubai is not a difficult task at all as you will find various options there. But still it is advised to make sure that you are consulting an endocrinologist with great experience, qualification and good track record in order to avoid any complication. For this purpose you can do a thorough research on internet or can even ask in your circle for good suggestions. Following are some of the major conditions which are treated by an endocrinologist so let’s just get started.


Staring from the most common hormonal disorder that is “Diabetes”. We all know that diabetes is a chronic condition which is due to imbalance of an essential hormone “insulin”. Insulin basically acts like key to let the glucose enter in the cells for further metabolism but in diabetic patients this key is either completely absent or may be present in minute quantities which is unable to meet the body requirement. An endocrinologist is the only person which could handle this disorder in the right manner because he possess detailed information not only about the hormones but even about the organs which are responsible to produce such hormones. You can even find the best diabetes doctor in Dubai who has particularly specialized to treat this disorder.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

There are several hormonal disorders which can readily be treated by an endocrinologist but in this article we came up with the current most emerging problems. Well, after diabetes PCOS is a current hot topic nowadays and it is being diagnosed rapidly among young girls and women. In this condition several small cysts are being produced in the ovaries which not only interferes with the regular menstrual cycle and fertility but it even affect other hormones as well, like thyroid hormone and insulin hormone. An endocrinologist could treat this condition in the best way as he possess all the knowledge about hormonal system.