YouTube Marketing Tools and Services to Enhance Your Video Marketing

If you want to get more views to your YouTube videos or get more YouTube subscribers and comments there are some services which can automate or semi-automate the human tasks. You can invest in these tools or services and focus on other important tasks in your business. Read on!


TubeToolbox is safe to use and will not get your account banned. It does not inflate views or post artificial comments. In a nutshell, what it does is that it logs in into your YouTube account with software running on your computer and it sends out friend requests to a lot of people in your niche and subscribes to their channels. This way you will get a lot of visitors back to your channel and they will watch and comment on your videos. Ultimately your video rankings will go up in the YouTube SERPs and you can get more traffic from your videos.

This is a service which will help gain more views to your YouTube videos. There are real viewers but they may not view your video. According to YouTube, they will be considered real. Gaining more views on your video will help you in rankings. What this service does is that it runs other people’s video on your computer and your videos will run on their computers. So it is a views exchange program.

This is a website which sells YouTube views. I am not sure how safe this service is so I am not vouching for it. If you want to try it, better does it on a test channel. They sell 1000 views for around $4 which is the minimum purchase. You will get discounts as you order more views.

‘Amazon Mechanical Turks’ is a website where you can get people to do small tasks at a very low cost. You can hire people to comment, like or subscribe to a channel for as low as $0.10 per task. However, this service will not be effective if you are trying to gain views. is a website where people do things for $5. They post a lot of strange and weird things. My interest is in the services where people offer to send visitors, comments, favorites, and subscribers to your YouTube videos and channel. All the services cost only $5. There are a lot of postings available. Carefully choose one with good rating and feedback and you will be able to give a push to your videos. Always make sure that your YouTube subscribers, video views, comments, likes, and favorites are in line. Having 10,000 subscribers and 2 comments in total for all your videos combined will get your account flagged for sure.

Being more social on YouTube helps and these tools can speed up the process for your marketing. However, use these services with caution and do not use these services for your channels or videos which you cannot afford to lose.