Reasons to prove that visiting Casablanca is worth it

Casablanca is one of the most well-known cities in all of Morocco, but a lot of visitors decide to skip it while visiting the country. At first glimpse, it feels like a large business city with not much to explore. Even locals utter that they got no areas to see. Most of the tourists utilize it as a gateway and prefer investing their time in Marrakech or other well-liked places.

One of the most recurrent question: Is Casablanca worth visiting? We also had a concern about that, but rapidly after beginning to plan the journey we have discovered that Casablanca is the main hub of Morocco with many budget flights and good connections to Europe, so more often than not it is the budget-wise and most convenient way to reach the country. Here’s why it is worth to visit.

Mosque Hassan II:

The majority of Westerners have never been to a mosque, but Masjid Hassan II provides the rare chance to take an excursion. Sitting on the rim of the Atlantic Oceans, it is one of the top architectural wonders of Morocco. King Hassan II commissioned this Mosque, took seven years to complete, and can fit up to twenty-five thousand worshipers. Tours are given in numerous lingos at set times every day, except on Fridays. Visitors to Masjid Hassan II ought to dress respectfully and conservatively (make sure the shoulders, arms, knees, and neckline are covered) and carry a pair of socks, as you will need to remove the shoes for part of your tour.

Shopping For The Souvenirs That Are Moroccan-Style:

Morocco is so well-known with the wonderful carpets, patterns, ceramics, plates, and eye-catching mystical light for interiors. There’s a huge possibility that while moving around the country, you chose that you desire it all for you. If you leave Casablanca, the great idea is to leave all the shopping for the final days not to take all the things with you. Marrakech got extremely nice marketplace beside the Royal Palace. It is safe, clean, and not too busy, but still got all you have to take back home with you!

Saunter Along The Active Corniche:

The Corniche is a well-liked place with tourists and locals alike. Stretching along the shore, it was once one of the most alluring areas of the city. Although a lot of buildings are now past their prime, you will still locate a good assortment of restaurants and hotels. Certainly, the major cause for numerous to saunter along the walkway is to enjoy the seashore views. The Corniche is also within painless reach of public beaches, ideal for unwinding and seeing the world pass by.

Casablanca Is A Crossroad Of Different Cultures:

The place that we today acquaint as Casablanca was a long time ago ruled by the French, Spanish, and Almoravids. Berbers were the firsts to settle here, in the seventh century, in the eleventh century it was occupied by the Almoravids, and throughout that time it was a base for the buccaneers. Historically Casablanca is one of the main crossroads for the world, and it’s the cause why it’s included in the UNESCO’s tentative list of World Heritage sites. All such powers are still observable inside the city and visiting it with this idea in mind can get you fascinating outlook and clarifies why it’s so diverse.

Casablanca Is A Source Of The Mesmerizing Architecture:

Busy downtown Casablanca will make you feel like you have stepped into some time machine. French architects who have embraced the early twentieth century’s Art Deco movement practically took over Casablanca, and there’re a lot of momentous buildings to visit. A few of them are sadly in crumbling disrepair while some are well-maintained. In general, this area is an authentic slice of the history of Morocco as a French settlement.

The best site to visit is the Boulevard Mohammed V, where you can saunter alongside the brand new tram of Casablanca. The street ultimately guides to Place des Nations Unies, a busy and large square surrounded by restaurants, shops, and workplaces. Other outstanding places to visit examples of French/Moroccan architecture in Casablanca comprise the clock tower of the Wilaya (government building), the Grande Poste, the Sacre Coeur Cathedral and the Banque d’Etat.

The Verdict:

f you are one of those people who visit Morocco frequently and desire to see a diverse and perchance more gritty side of the country, then head on to Casablanca. Casablanca is not like Marrakech, Meknes or Fes by any means, and provides you a look into life beyond the riads, souks, and palaces of such dazzlingly well-liked Imperial cities. Conversely, there’s no shame in enjoying such tourist spots and sticking your two fingers up at the ones who keep on telling you to get off the beaten tourist trail and explore the real side of the destination.