4 marketing strategies to fuel your business growth

A good marketing strategy makes any business successful no matter what is the size of business. There are some successful examples here:

Subway is close to having 45,000 restaurants, making it the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world. The Body Shop operates around 3,000 franchises worldwide, and it is the most popular skincare brand to date. Impressive plus enviable, aren’t they? Much like these companies, many other giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, Apple, are in the race of making record-breaking stats. But the reality is they were not always the juggernauts they’re today. During the infancy of their businesses, they also belonged to the “small business” group.

Now, you may ask: what eventually made them break out of that group and change their destiny? Here, we are going to discuss what‘re best marketing strategies to fuel your business growth.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

Remember; never use shady search engine optimization practices, tricks or shortcuts. These may get you short-term results but will land you in hot water in the long term. You can’t take a shortcut for search engines. You have to put extra time and efforts to see the results. You can link your search engine optimization efforts with social media marketing. Use Facebook and Instagram to market your products. If you are using Instagram, you must think to buy real active Instagram followers to get more visibility.

Brand Storytelling

We love stories from a very young age. Stories tap on our emotional nerve.

You can inject that magic of storytelling into your marketing to invoke an emotional response from your audiences. You can tell your brand’s narrative via social media and crowd-sourced content, instead of newspaper advertising.

Your brand story should be a combination of what you say about your brand, plus what others are saying about it. Here are some proven tips well craft your brand story:

  • Make it a one- to two-liner statement and position it on all social media platforms you’re using.
  • Decide in advance your brand voice, and stick to it.
  • Break your mission and vision in a tangible manner that presents your values to your audiences.
  • Get a set of your key business messages and ensure that all your communication is underpinned by those messages.

Finally, keep it captivating, inspirational and meaningful to your audience. If you nail this, your customers and competitors will become your raving fans.

Utilize Affiliate & Associate programs by using Referral Marketing

Affiliate/associate program is a commission-based platform that allows you to ask people to share your information and grow your market. Clients produced by referral marketing are slightly costly but are the most beneficial, especially for small businesses. They negotiate less and buy faster. Plus, they produce more business to you by spreading words about your brand.

Help Your Audience with FREE Resources

I believe this is another ‘cost-effective’ way to boost your sales. Yes, cost-effective!

Customers like ‘FREE’ stuff! Use this fact to scale up your business by providing free and informative resources such as blog and intelligence tools on your website. These would cost you either nothing or very low!


Avail a dialog discussion, video and audio documents, or some free and useful tools for your visitors. This marketing procedure will draw in more visitors to your site in real-time and motivate them to convert to your customer.


Pre-op diet for lap band: what to eat before surgery

The lap band surgery requires eating the right foods before the surgical process because these food choices prepare the patients for surgery by lowering the store fats around the liver. The pre-op diet for lap band is basically the life-changing food habits that help you for after and before the surgery. However, you can get the dietary information from your surgeon and dietitian. These nutritional guidelines are vital that help to make the surgical procedure easier and smoother. Some patients have slack eating habits that are not good for the surgical process because of a successful surgery, it is essential that there are low fats around your liver and spleen. In this surgery, surgeons put your liver aside and place the band. When your liver would be large in size, it will create complications.

So, start the pre-op diet before two weeks of surgery. You need to change the food types, and size of food portions when you are following this diet. This diet will not only prepare you for this procedure but help you to lose weight after surgery too. How this diet will help the patient for lap band? There are a lot of reasons and here we will discuss some of them:

  • The pre-op diet helps to lower the stomach fat and extra fat around the liver
  • This is a low-calorie diet that is high in protein that protects and preserves the muscles tissue. Also, the body doesn’t use the muscle tissue when it requires energy and that way more fat burns.
  • This diet gets ready your body for upcoming surgery and speed up the recovery after bariatric surgery.
  • Moreover, it also prepared your body for a post-op diet that is basically a low-calorie diet but high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

How to take pre-op diet for lap band:

There are some tips that help the patient how they can take the pre-op diet for lap band but it can vary from patient to patient.

  • Cut or lower the saturated fats such as dairy products, fried food, whole milk products, and fatty meat
  • Don’t include high carbohydrate food items in your diet such as pasta, bread, sugary food items, potatoes, desserts.
  • Cut the high-sugar beverages such as energy drinks, sports drinks, regular soda, and fruit juice.
  • Take a small portion of the meal
  • Don’t go for splurge eating
  • Avoid smoking
  • Don’t use alcoholic beverages and drugs
  • Take multivitamins
  • Drink protein shakes or mixes protein powder with milk or juice.
  • Don’t drink brews with daily meals.

What to eat date for your surgery nears:

You need to take high protein foods and shakes but keep in mind it should low-calorie foods because they are easy to digest. Protein is good when it comes to protect muscle tissues and burn fat. Additionally, it helps you for a speedy recovery and a stronger body. When the surgery date nears, switch to the liquid only diet. But you can take some solid foods too but it is good to follow the instructions of your doctor. The solid diet may include soft-boiled eggs, fish, and cereal


We hope you enjoy the incredible journey! We bet the pre-op diet for lap band’ tips will surely help you.

How to Get Your First 1,000 SoundCloud Followers

SoundCloud is a mega platform for artists and musicians where they can showcase their talent and share their music with a number of people across the world. On SoundCloud, there are a plethora of artists you can hear and add their songs into your playlist. Plus, fans can also repost their favorite artist’s song through SoundCloud and like their page as well. If you are a promising artist, getting a number of followers on SoundCloud would be your first priority to stand out among the other artists. But it is a very challenging task to showcase your musical skills on SoundCloud as an artist. Of course, you want your music is heard by millions of people but how is it possible? Here, we’ll discuss some tips that actually work. All you need to implement all these tips and pair them with buying SoundCloud followers. Let’s get started!

Get Fist 1,000 SoundCloud Followers?

There are some simple yet effective steps that you can use to get as many followers on SoundCloud as you like.

Don’t buy fake SoundCloud followers, buy real ones: Buying SoundCloud followers is good for gaining more exposure in no time but don’t buy fake followers. Always buy followers or plays from genuine website or providers. Also, remember one thing, don’t rely on the purchased followers, also do some organic promotion. When you use organic ways for gaining plays or followers then it makes your page more credible. Always stick to the positive approach when it comes to expanding your channel on Soundcloud that in turn give you tons of following and expand your exposure.

Be Good to Bloggers: Although, on SoundCloud, it might be very challenging to boost your account as it is an overcrowded platform. You need to put some extra efforts to stand out on this platform. But it might not be hard for you to let people know about your music through blogs. Try to connect with the big bloggers and ask them to feature your music on their blogs. If they feature your soundtrack in their blogs then you can gain up to 150 music submissions per day. But all you need to show your skills that compel them to feature you on their blogs.

Share High-Quality Songs: People come on this platform to listen to quality music, so you need to craft high-quality songs for them. Your quality music does not only give you the odds to feature you on others playlists but also help you to get more followers.

Focus on Other Music Also: It is not bad to admire and share the work of other artists. By doing this, you can get a number of new followers with buying SoundCloud followers. You can leave a good comment on other artist’s soundtrack and like it as well. You can also ask for collaborating with him/her if you like music. You can even generate the playlists of other artists and add some popular songs in it. Pus, you can share the music of other artists too.